Sitra Achra: a blatant Faith ripoff

Written 26th Febuary 2023

On Febuary 18th 2023, a horror movie trailer was posted to youtube. SITRA ACHRA, inspired by the rise in retro indie horror games. Despite gaining less than 2 thousand views as of writing, it has been garnering controversy online due to allegedly plaigrising the Hit indie horro game FAITH: The unholy trinity.

You can view the trailer here

Taking a look at the trailer, many scenes share an uncanny resemblence to those seen in faith, such as the possesion and the girl in the computer being very similar to that of Amy Martin's appearence in chapter 3, even down to the rotocsoped style of in game cutscene. Also the spinning computer demon resembles the unspeakable.

Now, there are some slight differnces, such as Sitra Achra appearing to be inspired by Judaism (Sitra Achra being the realm of evil or demonic powers and the domain of Satan in judaism), rather than Catholicism. source So there is the possibility that the red demon is actually based off a demon in judaism and the resemblence to the Unspeakable is mere coincidence.

However, demons in judaism are often decsribed as being humanoid with some animalistic features (such as lillith, an androdgynous figure with wings source) or in the form of serpents, with some human and angelic traits or having rooster feet (shedim). source None of these fit the appearance of the red demon

It's also worth noting that shortly after being uploaded, the comments on the youtube trailer were turned off, and that the director of Sitra Achra (Levi Buchanan) follows Airdorf games (developers of Faith) on twitter.

As well as the youtube trailer, articles promoting the film have been written on both Fangoria and Bloody Disgisting, however the latter deleted their article after backlash on twitter, including from the developers of Faith themselves. Unfortunately the article is not archived but you can read the Fangoria one here

Despite this shameless theft, perhaps some good can come out of the situation through more people discovering and playing Faith, supporting talented indie devs instead of ripoffs.