Mega Man Fanart


iCO plush (Mega man X DiVE)

RiCO, iCO and ViA (Mega Man X DiVE) cosplaying Tokyo Bayonetta, Jeanne and Luka.

Design for ViA's true form (this was from before the official one was revealed). As it is the Zero/Robot destroy program I wanted it to be more monstrous than than Droit, Angie and Erato's virus forms.

Female DiVE Originals in bunny suits for easter. I headcanon Erato as being into hippie/psychedelic type clothing so I put a psychelic pattern on the suit and flowers in her hair. The canon DiVE alts always do something different with iCOs wings so I replaced them with this knockoff playboy logo. RiCO just has the classic suit and Droit's has and alt style jacket and ripped tights

The moment when iCO split from RiCO, all we know about this in canon is that RiCO's ribbon being removed was involved, so I imagined it as happening in battle, due to damage. Added some effects on one to make it more glitchy